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When should I apply Terra-One™ Growers Concentrate?

The optimum time for application is at seed tray planting and again at seed tray transfer.

When do I apply if my growing operation only supports one treatment per growing cycle?

In this situation apply at initial plant transfer or during plants first watering.

Can this be applied to cuttings?

Product can be applied to cuttings. Application should be made after initial root development begins.

Can I mix Terra-One™ Growers Concentrate with my fertilizer application?

Yes, it can be mixed with fertilizer solutions as long as the mixture is applied in it’s entirety within 48 hours after mixing. Make sure tank can breath.

What is the lead time for product orders?

Lead time for all orders is 7 days.

What results can I expect?

The results will vary due to application, timing and growing conditions but you can expect a robust soil, root structure and plant for both you, the retailer and end consumer.

How much Terra-One™ Growers Concentrate should be applied to each plant?

Terra-One™ Growers Concentrate should be applied at a normal watering cycle at the normal watering rate.

Can I mix Terra-One™ Growers Concentrate with a herbicide or pesticide?

No. The active ingredients in either would be detrimental to the microbial population. Be sure to wait at least one watering cycle before applying Terra-One™ Growers Concentrate if a herbicide or insecticide has run through your system.

Can I use Terra One™ Growers Concentrate in a hydroponic growing application?

Absolutely! Terra One™ Growers Concentrate works great with hydroponics applications.

How much will Terra-One™ Growers Concentrate treat?

One gallon of concentrate mixed with the activator combined into water (based on your application) will treat 10 acres. (1oz of concentrate will treat 3,403 sq ft)

Can I apply Terra-One™ Growers Concentrate to wet or moist soil?

Applying Terra-One™ Growers Concentrate to wet or moist soils can help the product establish itself in the soil. Applying in this method will help extend coverage area.

Can I brew Terra-One™ Growers Concentrate for use in my injector system and use a portion of that stock in a backpack sprayer?

Yes, take 4oz from your 6 gallon stock and mix with 1 gallon of water for use in a backpack sprayer.

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