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Alpha Thrive: The All-Natural Treatement For Landscape, Garden, and Ponds

mycorrhizal for roots

Is Alpha Thrive a chemical?

No, our formulation consists of water, nutrients and ABS’ proprietary blend of microbes.

Why is Alpha Thrive so effective?

In a nutshell, the bacteria in Alpha Thrive colonize on the hair-like structures of the plant root to increase nutrient absorption and stimulate growth. This means the roots can gather food and water from farther away, which makes them healthier and more sustainable. The result you’ll see on the surface is more resilient and robust plants that are better able to withstand transplant stress, excessive heat and disease. You’ll also see increased flowering and fruit bearing.

mycorrhizal for roots

How do I apply Alpha Thrive?

Alpha Thrive can be mixed with water or applied directly to the soil. It contains no fertilizer, herbicide or pesticide. It’s environmentally friendly, safe to use around children and pets and won’t interfere with other treatments. In most applications it will be applied as a soil drench. A hose-end sprayer can be used at 4 TBL per gallon setting. Click here for directions on using the Turf and Thatch 32 oz spray bottle.

Can I over-treat?

No! Alpha Thrive is all-natural and doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals, so it’s virtually impossible to over-treat.

Is Alpha Thrive a fertilizer?


Can I use Alpha Thrive with a fertilizer?

You don’t have to use Alpha Thrive with a fertilizer, but you certainly can! We recommend an organic fertilizer, but it’ll work great with any type you choose.

Do I still need to fertilize?

Yes, Alpha Thrive is a soil conditioner allowing the soil and plants to more effectively uptake available nutrients currently in the soil as well as future applications.

Where can I buy Alpha Thrive?

Alpha Thrive is available at many local retailers. We’ll be happy to help you find a location near you!

Are all Alpha Thrive products the same?

While there are subtle differences in the products, they all perform the same basic functions for the plants on the specific product labels. Simply, the products are designed to release locked away nutrients in the soil, restore biological activity, increase root growth and provide an extension to the root system with the mycorrhizae.

What is the shelf life?

Alpha Thrive products have the unique ability to sustain a shelf life of two years from the date of manufacture. The efficiency of the product is maintained by the complex number of bacteria and the proprietary method of suspension.

When is the best time to apply Alpha Thrive?

Alpha THRIVE works best when the soil temperature (not air temperature, but actual soil temperature) is 45 degrees or higher. To see your area’s daily soil temperature go to

Does Alpha Thrive work with all types of garden products?

Alpha Thrive is comprised of all natural ingredients, here’s what these soil microbes are capable of:

• Making nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium more available.
• Carrying nitrogen and other nutrients clear to the root of the plant.
• Breaking down organic matter.
• Aerating the soil, increasing oxygen flow throughout the root system.
• Allowing water to be held in the root zone longer.
• Can reduce other disease-producing agents.
• Safe for use around all animals both land and water when used as directed.

These benefits allow all garden products to be more effective.

Is Alpha Thrive safe for kids and pets?

Yes, the ingredients in Alpha Thrive are all naturally occurring in nature. Not harmful to animals or fish.

What area does Alpha Thrive cover?

32 ounces covers approximately 5000 square feet. Water in after application for best results.

Can Alpha Thrive be used as a foliar application?

Alpha THRIVE is not intended as a foliar application. The product is intended to be applied or watered to reach the soil where it performs best.

Can Alpha Thrive be used hydroponically?


How often do I apply Alpha Thrive?

Some people apply it each time they water their plants and some every other time. Because it is all-natural and you cannot over-treat, we let each person decide their schedule. However, for optimum results we suggest weekly treatments.

Now that you know all about Alpha Thrive, learn more about Aqua-One!

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