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Alpha BioSystems Partners with B. Organic.

As the organic community grows, a likely friendship blossoms between Alpha BioSystems and Michele Beschen.

August, 2011- Wichita, KS- Michele Beschen, and the B. Organic team, aligns perfectly with Alpha BioSystems’ Alpha Thrive, the all-natural organic growing solution. The two companies have joined forces to spread the word about how to live an organic lifestyle, and it’s a win-win situation.

The Partnership

Alpha BioSystems is extremely excited to work with Beschen, who brings a welcome female perspective to the ever expanding Alpha Thrive audience. Her outgoing and knowledgeable personality jive well with the energetic message Alpha Thrive sends out to growers across the nation. What’s more, Beschen is very well-known in the organic community for her how-to videos and articles, a showcase which directly reflects Alpha Thrive’s brand and core audience. B. Organic’s how-to material spans from making delicious organic breakfast smoothies, to inventing salvage wine-stoppers, all the way to growing organic veggies.

Beschen and Alpha Thrive have collaborated on various videos about how Alpha Thrive can help maintain an organic lifestyle. These videos will be used for retail merchandising, and national television advertising by both parties.

Alpha BioSystems will introduce Beschen to their audience using promotional collateral, Alpha Thrive’s website ( and social media outlets such as Facebook. She will have an increasing presence on Alpha Thrive material across the board, and a louder voice behind Alpha Thrive’s brand throughout the next year.

“Michele Beschen is a direct reflection of the Alpha BioSystems and Alpha Thrive core values and brand. We are very excited to be working with a dynamic team and a personality that can bring the core female audience forward in an authentic natural manner,” said Paul Grimes, Marketing Manager for Alpha BioSystems.

Michele Beschen and B. Organic

Michele Beschen combines the power of creativity with an enthusiastic passion for nature, and expresses it all through nearly every media outlet imaginable. The team at B. Organic has one goal, to reconnect people with their innate desire to live a naturally creative, organic lifestyle. Beschen founded her own company in 2002, called Simply Michele, Inc. (SMI). SMI is a multimedia company on a mission to empower people to explore, express and exchange fresh ideas through rousing content platforms built around originality and grassroots efforts. To date, SMI has produced television shows, written articles, created DVDs, and made appearances on hit shows such as Rachel Ray to iterate the company’s mission.

Alpha BioSystems and Alpha Thrive

Alpha BioSystems is the company behind Alpha Thrive. Alpha Thrive is an all-natural line of products which enhances the biological activity already going on in the soil to make vegetation stronger- faster. The different products include Flower, New Plant, Turf, Tomato & Veggie, Tree & Shrub, Pet, Compost, Thatch REMOVER and Aqua-One. Using a proprietary liquid blend of beneficial bacteria combined with the helpful effects of mycorrhizal fungi, Alpha Thrive offers a sustainable solution for vegetative health that works from the roots up- literally. The mycorrhizal fungi in Alpha Thrive attaches itself to the roots of the plant, extending the root system and making the plant more able to obtain food and water from further away. The beneficial bacteria work in tandem with the mycorrhizae to create a stronger plant- one that’s more able to withstand most diseases and requires less watering. It’s all-natural, safe to use around pets and kids, easy to apply and impossible to over-treat.

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