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Root & Soil Drench

* Note - 40oz not available till 2018*

Choose a Size:

Makes approximately 9 gal and treats 2,500 sq ft

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*BACKORDERED TILL 2018* Makes approximately 23 gal and treats 6,250 sq ft

*BACKORDERED TILL 2018* Buy one and get one 50% off!

Makes approximately 73 gal and treats 20,000 sq ft

Buy one and get one 50% off!

Alpha Thrive Root & Soil Drench – All-Natural Soil Conditioner

Alpha Thrive introduces its Root & Soil Drench, a soil conditioner containing mycorrhizal fungi, new for the 2013 growing season. Root & Soil Drench conditions the soil, preparing it for vegetation. It is a must-have addition to any landscaping or gardening routine.

Root & Soil Drench conditions the soil

Soil is a living eco-system and can be harmed by drought, chemicals, tilling and years of neglect. Maintaining soil quality is imperative. Root & Soil Drench introduces its proprietary blend of living microbes and mycorrhizal fungi back into the soil, helping bring the soil back into balance.

Root & Soil Drench includes mycorrhizal fungi

Most mycorrhizal fungi are sold in a dry powder form. The mycorrhizal fungi in Root & Soil Drench are blended right into the liquid concentrate, a truly unique product.

To read more about mycorrhizal fungi, click here.

Root & Soil Drench with mycorrhizal fungi is all-natural and easy to mix and apply.

Mix Root & Soil Drench with recommended amount of water and apply to your soil. It’s that easy! Root & Soil Drench is a liquid brew of all-natural ingredients, so you cannot over-treat.

Root & Soil Drench with mycorrhizal fungi promotes a productive soil environment. Research tested, earthworm approved. Use as directed.

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