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Safe-One Pet

Safe-One Pet is the best all-natural way to clean up after your pet's accidents. Get rid of odors and stains!

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Safe-One Pet takes the edge off one of the most unpleasant aspects of having a pet.

Our all-natural microbial treatment absorbs the nutrients found in both solid and liquid pet waste and breaks them down into a light powder substance that is odorless and simple to clean up.

When it comes to owning a pet, you’ve got to pick your battles. So when Fluffy decides to mark his territory on your couch (again) you can simply spray Safe-One Pet and know you won’t be reminded of his mistake by the odor left behind.

There are several reasons Safe-One Pet is the best solution for your pet’s problems. First, dry microbials aren’t as strong or complex as the liquid blend found in Safe-One Pet. Second, chemicals typically just cover up the odor and don’t do much to actually remove the waste. Finally, enzyme products only do part of the job of breaking down and consuming waste whereas the microbes in Safe-One Pet are capable of completely taking care of the problem.

Safe-One Pet can be used as often as you feel the need to control odor. The more often you treat, the greater the overall reduction of odor will be. Waste will break down more rapidly with frequent applications as well.

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