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Pond Clarifier

Pond Clarity...just like nature intended

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Treats approx. 11,000 gallons

50% off Sludge Remover!

Treats approx. 37,000 gallons.

50% off Sludge Remover!

Treats approx. 185,000 gallons.

50% off Sludge Remover!

Treats approx. 2,035,000 gallons.

Aqua-One Pond Clarifier treats the cause of the problem, not just the symptom.

Aqua-One Pond Clarifier is fast becoming one of the top-selling pond clarifiers in America and the reasons are simple. It’s likely the strongest, most complex beneficial bacterial pond clarifier product available. We also put a “best if used by” date on every bottle, which ensures you’re getting an active, robust microbial solution. A healthy pond is alive, after all.

All-natural microbial pond clarifier helps restore a ponds balance:

  • The natural occurring microbes in Aqua-One Pond Clarifier feed on excessive nitrogen and phosphorous found in the water source
  • As the excessive nitrogen and phosphorous food sources are consumed, algae which also thrives on the same food source cannot grow
  • What is left is an ecosystem that is in balance, the proof will be cleaner and clearer water
  • Aqua-One Pond Clarifier gets rid of ponds odors typically associated with low-quality water issues.
  • Easy to use pond algae solution, throw it it and let it go to work.
  • Effective in both salt and fresh water environments.

Business park pond (before treatment) – Seeing is believing, real results, real customers.

Business park pond (after treatment).

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Use in large or small ponds

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Get Rid of Sludge – the Natural Way.

Sludge is the result of uneaten fish food, fish waste, dead algae, leaves and bits of other debris that have collected at the bottom of a pond or body of water. This causes not only an odor, but also a problem for bio-filters that are trying to keep the water clean. The all-natural microbes in our All Season Aqua-One Dry Sludge REMOVER feed off of sludge and eliminate the debris. No mess is left behind and the result is a clean, healthier pond with a functional filter. It’s much more relaxing to sit back and enjoy the beauty of a pond than worry about what’s at the bottom of it.

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